All You Need to Know about Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are an extremely popular toy that especially became popular in 2017.  The phenomenon blew away many industry analysts that did need see the popular of the fidget toy happen.

So what is a fidget spinner?  A fidget spinner is usually flat toy with 3 balanced weights.  In the middle of the fidget spinner is a ball bearing.

The fidget spinner is held in the middle between the thumb and middle finger.  By giving the spinner a flick it spins along its axis for a satisfyingly long time.  Sometimes fidget spinners can even spin for several minutes!

Fidget spinners gained immense popularity in 2017 but actually were invented and even patented in 1993.  The fidget toys craze, which may have started the Fidget Cube kickstarter project.  The Kickstarter campaign blew up and there were thousands and thousands of pre orders anxious to get their Fidget Cube.

Unfortunately, Fidget Cube customers are probably some of the worst possible customers to keep waiting as they are anxious enough as it is!

However, as quickly as fidget spinners gained popularity, they also disappeared.  By the summer of 2017 everyone had a fidget spinner and the novelty wear off.  Quite ironic, isn’t it?

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